Relocate to Southern Vermont

Relocation is one of the most important segments of our industry.

The goal of our relocation services headed by Veronica O'Donnell, office manager, is to greet every new arrival to our area with empathy and personal attention.  We strive to understand the needs of the individual and the family when involved.

In our view the first goal of our relocation department is to help the transferee with information about Bennington County and the Southern Vermont area and to give an extensive car tour with a full-time professional Realtor helping the new arrival attain a complete picture of what Southern Vermont and our area in particular offers.  People are constantly amazed at the variety of country neighborhoods and village settings that are available and appreciate the knowledge our Realtors can provide such as price ranges of neighborhoods, amenities and even short comings if they exist.

We are fully aware that a first visit by a potential transferee may not be about directly purchasing a home but answering many, many questions that are specific to that family.  For instance, sometimes a spouse may also be leaving a good job to make this move possible and we can put them in touch with the right people about career opportunities and possible openings.  Children, and their athletic and scholastic programs are also a special concern and we are ready to facilitate appointments with guidance counselors, athletic directors, coaches and administrators.  Beyond those needs is a myriad of other services such as athletic and cultural programs outside the school setting that are available. Sometimes it is as simple as providing a list of medical doctors, other professionals and trades/service people who are well established in our area.

On the real estate end we are aware that part of the decision to accept or reject a position can fall into the category of finances.  We are prepared to illustrate price ranges and square footages and are versed in utility costs, general cost of living and local and state taxes.  This helps the transferee make an educated judgment about the cost differentials of our area compared to where they are currently living.

We have years of tabulated multiple listing statistics that show average appreciation levels and days on the market and we can bring a new arrival completely up to date on our area within a few hours. While square footage variances are common from region to region at a particular price – value is not. We help the transferee understand the value and appreciation factors in our area so that they are comfortable transitioning to a new area.

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