Local Information - Southern Vermont and Bennington County

Welcome to Southern Vermont and Bennington County. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of the Southern Vermont real estate market, often knowing about properties before they are listed in the MLS. But we also have a depth of understanding about Southern Vermont in general. Having several native Vermonters on our staff of full-time realtors, Hoisington Realty has a vast store of local knowledge. Contact us for information about life, culture, and real estate in Bennington County and Southern Vermont.

Owner of Hoisington Realty, Inc., and fourth-generation Vermonter, Kathy Hoisington, shares a few words about Southern Vermont:

It is really true that Vermont is the magic kingdom. Drive through Vermont in any season and you will revel in its natural beauty unpolluted by roadside trash, billboards or traffic congestion. Vermonters are known for their work ethic, independent politics and passion for their state that strives to maintain a healthy balance of pro-business and industry with a deep commitment to our environment. It is dotted with small towns and villages anchored with community life and our largest city, Burlington has only 37,000 people. The greater Bennington area is within a 42 mile drive to the capital of New York State, Albany where there is a major airport and a tri-city area of 1.5 million people. Imagine our whole state has only 550,000 people and yet we can access the services of this metropolitan area by choice.

Southwestern Vermont is an easy commute from Boston and New York. Many second home owners choose Bennington and Manchester for their proximity to these metropolitan areas and because of the wide array of winter and summer recreational activities available here. Cultural events are first rate and you will be delighted with our home town symphony orchestra, music festivals and museum events.


Our principal broker, Kathy Hoisington, and most of our real estate agents have lived in Southern Vermont for years. We are happy to share with you our local Southern Vermont knowledge and inside tips on properties for sale in Bennington County and all over Southern Vermont.

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