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Arlington, VermontOne of my secret pleasures is the Sunday New York Times.  Its a secret because I am a staunch conservative independent and very seldom share their editorial points of view although I devour the op-eds in the Week in Review section, particularly those of Maureen Dowd and Tom Friedman whom I have followed since his wonderful book From Beirut to Jerusalem  and more recently The World Is Flat and its updated version.. I further confess that I would never attend a Sunday Open House without my Sunday Times on hand in case I have a slow afternoon. In fact , I cant live without the Book Review and I used to pick out reviews for my scholarly husband at his request so he didn't have to wade through the popular non-fiction that I so enjoy, finding those rare but fascinating new writings on philosophy and Judaism for his personal reading list. Arlington, Vermont My last confession is that I have little or no interest in the sports section (because they do not cover equestrian sports), the metropolitan section (because I dont live there), the front page (because it is repeated ad nauseam in every piece of technology that I own) nor the style section which I totally gave up when I reverted to a more comfortable horsewoman lifestyle.  The section that I  have least interest in though is the travel section as having seen all of Europe that I care to see and the Middle East on more than one occasion and an actual dislike of the Caribbean and its rich resorts surrounded by abject poverty..I now only want to travel within the United States and get to know my country better..sort of like John Steinbeck and Travels with Charley: In Search of America.  Charley was a poodle and I have a poodle. Get me a camper and I am good to go.  Now to the point. Arlington, Vermont I was all ready to throw the travel section of the Times on the floor yesterday, when all of a sudden lo and behold there was a photograph taken through the covered bridge in West Arlington with a fabulous view of Norman Rockwells home as well as a reprint of Norman Rockwells Freedom From Want painting with my late husband Bill Hosington and his sister Shirley McTernan sitting at the Thanksgiving table!  Not only was it front page but the most interesting story of Norman Rockwell unfolded in a full centerfold article with mention also of his granddaughter, Daisy Rockwell (who bought a home from us just last year) and mention of her exhibition at the Bennington Museum which is still on displayall of that and picturesque views of River Road and the Battenkill River have given us the most dramatic marketing piece imaginable.publicity that we could never afford to purchase and done all by a superb writer, Deborah Solomon.  Just to add further serendipity to all of this, we sold land for a New Yorker named Debbie Solomon just this past yearcould it be her???? Needless to say i e-mailed her today.

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  1. Evelynne on

    I was missing Debra too! I canont believe the items she's able to put together to create an outfit that makes a wonderfully articulate statement about the uniquely stylish, creative soul she is.